Professional chimney sweeps - inspections- and repairs in jacksonville

Chimney Repairs -

Chase cover Replacement

Our chimney chase covers are custom made to meet your needs. Jacksonville can be a harsh environment for chimney chase covers so choosing the correct material is key.

Refractory Panels

Some newer fireplaces are factory built and come with refractory panels to absorb radiant heat. These panels can crack over time and require replacement. 

Chimney Caps/Spark Arrestors

A key safety component of your chimney system. Chimney caps are designed specifically to most systems in order for  them to operate as intended. 

Top mounted dampers

As a cost effective alternative to throat mounted dampers, our chimney professionals can help you pick the right damper for your needs. 

Fireplace Restoration

From relining to installation of high performance systems, The Chimney Specialists can help with your chimney repair needs. 

Gas Fireplace Repair

Our NFI Certified Chimney specialist can diagnose and repair your gas fireplace issues.